Attractions In Chiang Rai

Wat Phra Kaew (Phra Kaew Temple)

Wat Phra Kaew is located behind Wat Phra Sing. It is noted for its late LannaWihan and several fine bronze Buddha images.The temple is more famous,however,as the place where the statue of the Emerald Buddha,now enshrined in Bangkok, was originally discovered.

History of Wat Phra Keaw
Formerly called Wat Pa Yia (bamboo forest), this is where the Emerald Buddha was found. Thus the name of the temple was derived.
On 21 October 1990 , Buddhist clerics and laity agreed to build the Jade Buddha (commonly called PhraYok Chiang Rai) to celebrate the 90 th anniversary of the Princess Mother's birthday. The Buddha image was officially named PhraPhutthaRattanakonnawuttiwatsanusonMongkhon, which means the Buddha who is the source of gems. In the main prayer hall stands a huge bronze Buddha image in the posture of “sub-duingmara, or demon.” This is commonly known as Phra Chao Lan Thong in Chiang Rai. It was transferred from WatPhra Chao Lan Thong to this temple in 1961. The main hall itself was built in 1960 in the neo-Lanna style with double-tiered roofs decorated with colored glass along the eaves and the beams. The front portal posts and gable are decorated with intricate golden patterns. The doors are showpieces of northern woodcarving techniques.

How to get there
The temple is located on Trirat Road across from Overbrook Hospital.

Opening Hours

Daily from 09:00 am. - 05:00 pm.


Tel. 0 5371 1385, 0 5371 5875

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